About Us

 Hi, I’m Tommy Bull. 

About seven years ago, I went fishing for the first time in Irvine lake.

I can safely say that this was one of the best days of my adult life. The weather was perfect, not too hot or too cold, the lake was peaceful and still, and my bounty was impeccable. 

This day is what started my love of fishing. Since then, I’ve been traveling around different lakes to see if I can match the magic of Irvine lake. No luck yet, but I remain hopeful. Until then, I can always count on Irvine lake to remind me of that feeling. 

Anyway, I created Irvine Lake to teach people how to fish so that they feel more confident to go out and find their own fishing spot to embrace that feeling. 

I wasn’t a confident fisher when I first started, and I’ve spent almost a decade learning my craft and honing my knowledge. Now I love teaching people who are eager to learn, like I once was.

I hope that you enjoy my Irvine Lake as much as I enjoy the real place. My advice to you would be to go out and find your own happy place to fish – there’s nothing like returning time and time again to pure happiness.

If you have any questions or queries please contact me here: admin@irvinelake.net

Thanks, Tommy.

Frank was born in Zimbabwe and developed a love for the outdoors in this wild African country. His interest in fishing began fishing for various bass species in the waters surrounding his hometown.

After moving to South Africa, his fishing interests broadened to include surf angling, and fishing for bass, perch, carp, catfish and others in the many fishing spots around the country. Trout fishing in the highland streams is a seasonal favorite. Fishing gear and trying new techniques is a particular interest for this angling enthusiast.