Can You Eat Sunfish?

Can you eat sunfish? These jumbo fish are odd-looking and slightly intimidating. But are they also tasty? Yes, you can eat ocean sunfish. Sunfish meat has a chewy texture and rich fishy flavor that people liken to lobster, sardines, and bass. Filleting this fish is a hefty chore, but you can cook it in many …

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Florida Fishing License: A Guide to Sunshine State Fishing

Fishing in Florida is a popular activity for residents and tourists alike. However, before you cast your line, you’ll need to ensure you’re not breaking any of Florida’s fishing laws. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just getting started, having the right license is essential for enjoying this beautiful state’s waterways. Fishing licenses come in …

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Can You Eat a Black Drum?

If you’re an avid fisherman, you’ve probably come across a black drum fish. These saltwater fish can tolerate various salinities and are commonly found in estuaries. Adults prefer saltier water, while the little ones live closer to freshwater conditions. This makes these fish relatively easy to catch in various locations. Black drums also come in …

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