What Color Clothes Attracts Fish The Most?

Fish are naturally curious creatures, so they are attracted to almost any strange thing in the water. However, fish are also cautious and easily spooked. Many believe in wearing specific clothes to attract more fish, but you should know what colors attract them since you might deter all of your bites.

When it comes to fishing, there are numerous schools of thought about what works best to catch a fish. Some swear by live bait, while others swear by artificial lures. Others believe that the color of your clothes determines your achievement. However, some methods might work for most anglers, and others might be insufficient.

While many believe that fish can’t see colors, it’s a wrong assumption. The colors fish can see vary between fish species, but there are a few that stand out to all species. Almost every fish is attracted to bright colors like yellow, blue, and green. You will also see that most fish tanks have blue or green lights. It is because these lights and colors give the fish a calm feeling.

When attracting fish, you should wear bright clothes that stand out in the water. They can easily see bright colors and will naturally be attracted to you. Fish may also mistake the colorful color clothes for food or refuge, which will attract them to you.

Orange and red are also among the colors fish are most attracted to. However, you should research the type of fish you want to catch before you decide to wear clothes to attract them since there are a few species that prefer to live in dark corners and caves and will thus avoid brightly colored clothes.

However, the best color to wear to attract fish all depends on what fish you want to attract and the water conditions. While murky water works best for bright colors like yellow and blue, it might be better to use a soft brown in clear water not to scare the fish away.

You should avoid wearing any dark colors when you want to attract fish to yourself. The dark colors can blend in with the water and may cause the fish to swim right past you. Black and dark blue clothes may be hard for the fish to see in murky water.

Flashy colors like silver and gold can spook the fish away since most fish don’t see these colors in their environment. Grey and brown clothes are also among those you should avoid since fish don’t see them as easily in murky water.

During a fishing trip, you will need all the help you can get as a beginner. While most anglers who have been fishing for a while know most tricks to fish, there are still a few unknown since people think of new creative methods to fish with every day. Here are a few tips for choosing the right color clothes to wear when you want to attract fish:

  • Visibility – Underwater, bright hues like chartreuse, yellow, and orange are visible and can attract most fish from a long distance. These colors, however, may frighten fish in clear water if they are not used to seeing them. More natural colors, such as green or brown, may be more effective in clear water
  • Water clarity – Water clarity can influence how effectively fish see different colors. Bright colors may be more useful in murky or dirty water because they stand out more. More natural colors may be more effective in clear water because they mix better with the surroundings. You should pay attention to your water conditions before you choose your colors
  • Light conditions – The amount of sunlight and the time of day can also influence how effectively fish see different colors. Bright colors may be more effective in low-light situations. In contrast, more natural colors may be more successful in direct sunlight. You should also take into account that most fish can’t see clearly during nighttime
  • Type of fish – Visual ability and preferences differ amongst fish species. Some fish are more attracted to specific colors than others, so do some study on the species you’re after and see if any colors are known to be particularly effective
  • Experiment – Don’t be scared to try out different hues and see what works best in specific scenarios. Take note of which colors appear to attract the most fish and alter your attire accordingly in your next fishing trip

Most fish species see the world in shades of green and red. Since they see the water around them differently than you do, it might prove difficult to choose the right color clothes to attract them. The fact that they see in shades of red and green is also why you should avoid wearing black when fishing in the water. It will be the most challenging color for them to see, and you might miss your chances at a bite.

There are also a few species of fish that are color-blind at night, and in cases like these, the color of your clothes won’t matter much. Fish that live on the surface can see most colors but, at night, won’t see anything. Deeper in the ocean, there are also fish that are completely blind due to the lack of sunlight.

Blind Mexican Cave Fish

The different colors you can use to attract fish depend heavily on the water conditions. When fishing in heavy, murky water, it is best to wear bright colors like yellow, red, blue, or green. However, in clear water, you can use brown or light green colors since the fish will easily see these colors. Black and grey are the worst colors to wear to attract fish since they are hard to see.


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