How Do You Throw A Net For Bait?

Cast nets are the best way to catch as much bait as possible as quickly as possible. These nets can be used to catch all manner of bait, including bait fish, shrimp, crab, and many other bait items. However, these nets require specific techniques for throwing them well. If a cast net is not thrown correctly, it becomes useless. Let’s explore the best methods for throwing a net for catching bait. 

To throw a cast net for bait, loop the main line over your dominant hand. Hold one weight in the same hand, and lift half of the net into the same hand. Throw the net and use a bunch of the net in the opposite hand to cause rotation to open the net properly. 

There are several methods for throwing a cast net for bait, all of which are valid. One or two techniques are significantly easier than the others, helping you learn the fundamentals of using a cast net as quickly as possible. Once you know the basics, you can modify the technique as you develop your net-casting skills. 

How To Throw A Net For Bait: Step By Step

Cast nets can be very difficult to throw correctly, but if they are not thrown well, they are useless. These nets are critical for catching bait for fishing, and they are very effective if used well. 

This means it is critical to learn the right techniques for using a cast net, regardless of what you are fishing for and the size of your net. 

There are several techniques for throwing a net for catching bait, but only a few are useful for all net sizes and for all types of people. The method that we are about to learn is ideal for all cast net sizes, so long as you use the technique correctly. 

This method can also be modified. It is important to know that there is no one set method for throwing a cast net. There are only guidelines. 

This means that it is crucial to adapt this method to whatever suits you best. Take the time to experiment with this technique, alter it as it suits you, and take your time to perfect your method. 

So long as the net opens up completely before it hits the water, and you can throw the net to your intended location, the technique is good. If these results do not happen, the technique must be practiced or altered until the net does open completely and does not become twisted or tangled and can be thrown accurately. 

The key aspects of a good net-throwing method are to coil the main net line and 50% of the net in one hand and maintain control of the other 50% of the net with the other hand. 

Dividing the net between both hands ensures that the net is cast accurately and that the net will open completely before hitting the water, so long as the technique is used correctly. 

With that said, here are the steps for throwing a cast net correctly to catch bait as effectively as possible. 

man throwing a fishing net a night

Step 1: Detangle Your Net

The first step when casting a net for bait is always to ensure that the net is not tangled or twisted. If the net is not straight and completely free of twists and tangles, it will not open correctly, making every throw ineffective. 

To ensure the net is ready to be thrown, pick it up by the top end, and let it dangle freely. If the net spins, wait for it to stop spinning completely. 

When the net is hanging free, inspect the weighted bottom section of the net for anything that looks like a twist, knot, or tangle. 

Undo any of these issues you find, and your net is ready to be thrown. 

Step 2: Place The Net Line Hoop Over Your Dominant Wrist

If your cast net has a hoop in the main line, hook it over your dominant hand so that it rests on your wrist. If the net does not have such a hoop, tie a knot in the main line to create one. 

The hoop should be large enough to fit your hand through but not so large that it easily slips over your hand. The hoop is used to hold into the net while throwing it, ensuring that the net does not leave your control during the cast. 

Be careful never to make the hoop too tight on your wrist, as it may cause harm or put you in danger if the net becomes snagged on something. 

Step 3: Loop The Main Line In Your Dominant Hand

When the hoop is over your wrist, coil and loop the cast net main line into the same hand. Section off lengths of the main line about a foot long and loop them into your hand. Hold all of the loops tightly, and do not let go. 

The loops do not need to be especially neat but should not be tangled. The loops should stack on each other, as they will unspool when the net is thrown. 

Loop the entire main line into your hand in this manner, and prepare for the next step. 

Step 4: Collect 50% Of The Net In Your Dominant Hand

The same hand with the hoop around the wrist and the main line coiled into it is also responsible for holding 50% of the net itself. 

When the main line is looped into your hand, pull the net tight with your opposite hand, section off a portion of the net about a foot long, and loop it into your hand with the main line. 

Repeat this loop a second time so that there are two loops of the net in your hand. This should gather a large portion of the net into your hand and will ensure that the net releases smoothly when thrown. 

Next, reach down and grab one of the weights at the bottom of the net, and open the net up by bringing that weight into the same hand that is holding the net. This keeps the net open when it is thrown. 

Reach across to the section of the net that is furthest away from you, gather half of the net together, and bring it up into your dominant hand. This will ensure that 50% of the net is in your throwing hand. 

fisherman untangling a fishing net at dawn

Step 5: Bunch The Net In You Opposite Hand

Once the net is mostly in one hand, bunch up half of the remaining net in your non-dominant hand, and get ready to throw the net. 

There should be a section of the net hanging freely, a quarter of the net in your non-dominant hand, and 50% of the entire net and main line in your dominant hand. 

This method ensures that the net is thrown cleanly while the non-dominant hand is used to spin the net out as it is thrown. 

Step 6: Throw The Net Away From You With A Spin

When the net is in this configuration, the only thing left to do is throw it. 

Locate the area you want to throw the net to and throw the net out hard with your dominant hand. The net should be thrown straight with this hand but as firmly as you can to launch the net out with good momentum. You must rely on the momentum of the net to unfurl it in the air, so a good strong throw is necessary. 

The dominant hand throws the net, and the non-dominant hand pulls slightly to the side, creating a spin on the net. The spin should not be excessive but just enough to add some extra momentum to open the net completely before it hits the water. 

The net should open up well and hit the water flat to spread out as much as possible and catch as many bait items as possible. 

angler throwing a fishing net in the early morning


Throwing a cast net well is critical. It is important to learn the best technique possible and modify it until you are comfortable and able to cast the net consistently and accurately. 

Take the time to learn to cast your net correctly, and you will find that it becomes easier every time you throw. A well-throw cast net is the best way to catch large amounts of bait to catch bigger fish, and good technique maximizes the efficiency of this process.

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