How To Put A Braided Line On A Spinning Reel?

Are you considering braided lines for your spinning reel, but you don’t know where to start or whether it will be a good investment? On the other hand, a spinning reel with braided line has its own advantages.

Among its advantages is that it is much more durable than fluorocarbons or monofilaments. You may wonder why. It is because braided lines last up to five times longer than fluorocarbons or monofilaments, though they are more expensive.

Furthermore, braided lines are more sensitive than others, which is yet another advantage. This allows the rod to respond without the need for stretching. Also, braided lines cast better on spinning reels.

Putting Braided Line On A Spinning Reel

The tools you need to put a braided line on the spinning reel are as follows:

  • One rod for reel
  • One spinning reel
  • Any thick cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Electrical tape
  • Any two chairs
  • Spool of line
  • Someone to help you out

Step 1: The first step is to put the reel’s rod together and try to line up the eyes. The spinning reel can then be inserted into the reel’s seat and tightened tightly.

Once the reel is secured, turn it clockwise so that you can spool the braided line onto it. Both spools should travel in the same direction and wind clockwise.

The line should be wound on the reel as tightly as possible to prevent twisting.

Step 2:   Attach the line. The braided line must now be untangled from the spool. You should only take off 15 feet of line from the spool so that it does not become tangled.

From the top of the reel to the bottom, thread the line through the rod. Bail arms should be left free when tying knots because if they’re not, you’ll have to repeat everything, which means you’ll have to cut the line entirely, which is not desirable.

After that, the braid will be tied to the spool with a firm grip to prevent slipping. Alternatively, you can tape the spool with electrical tape to prevent the braid from sliding if it isn’t quite ready for braiding.

Step 3: You will need to set up two chairs with about 20 feet between them with the help of another person. Have the person next to you pass the spool of line.

Screw the screwdriver into the hole in the center of the spool. Once you’ve done that, the screwdriver will revolve around the spool.

Ask your partner to hold the spool in one hand while holding the screwdriver in the other. The purpose of this is to ensure that the line on the reel is taut.

During the procedure, the fabric may become heated, so take a break and resume, but with the same pressure, since if the pressure is uneven, you will have to repeat all the procedures, which you do not want to do.

Step 4: The most critical part of the process is winding the fishing line on the spinning reel. Using minimum pressure, connect the line to the spool as neatly as possible. Make sure to avoid any line bites or overwinds that may occur while doing this.

Sit down, pick up the rod, and reel while your companion holds the screwdriver. To ensure that the reel is properly fixed, the drag should be tightened. You should allow the rod to rise and flex as you wind the line.

Wind the reel at a medium speed while inspecting it for cleanliness and tightness, or ask another person to tighten or loosen the spool for you. You should stop periodically to push on the reel.

Step 5:  The fifth step is to fill the reel. Keep winding your reel like you were told above until it is filled, but be sure there isn’t too much line because this can easily cause it to unspool.

You should stop when you see a lip between the fishing reel and the spool top.

Step 6: Feel the line to see if it’s hard. Although it isn’t hard, go back to step 4, even though it will take longer this time. Newbies should be extra cautious when putting a braided line on a spinning reel for the first time.

After the reel is full, attach your leader, which should be made of fluorocarbon lines and tied with an FG knot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spool a braided line on a spinning reel?

If you’re going to spool a spinning reel with braided line, you’ll want to apply a thin layer of backing first. You can use a mono or fluoro line for this. You can wrap your regular fishing line around the spool until it is completely covered.

Then, connect the backing line to the braided line. A double uni knot or another knot may be used, but it should be quite thin.

After that, spool the braided line and fill the spool until 1/8 of the space remains. Then, tie a 6 to 8 foot leader of fluorocarbon to your braided line.

What color braided fishing line on a spinning reel is the best?

While there are many braided line colors to choose from, we recommend ghost or low vis green braided line since these are the only braided line colors that fish can see more and better.

Furthermore, if you fish in dark water, it doesn’t matter what color braided line you choose since visibility will be poor, even for the fish.

On the other hand, if you are fishing in clear water, you should choose ghost or green. Green because you can see your braided line easily if it becomes tangled, which will be difficult if you use a ghost color braided line.

Final thoughts

You probably guessed that a braided line is the best option for spinning reels if you’ve read this far.

Braided lines can be used on spinning reels because they have a small diameter, cast quickly, have no stretch, and are sensitive. Additionally, it’s highly sturdy and robust, and won’t let you down for a long time.

Furthermore, it has no memory, so it does not twist easily. These features and specifications demonstrate that a braided line on a spinning reel is a great choice and a fantastic piece of equipment!

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