When Should You Throw A Drop Shot Rig? (3 Things You Should Know)

Setting up a drop shot rig is fairly easy. Bass love to eat shrimp, worms, and other bait fish.

Drop shot rigs are made to imitate these baits. This method works well for both saltwater and freshwater.

When Should You Throw A Drop Shot Rig? (3 Things You Should Know)

Drop shot rigs can be used to catch fish all year round, but they perform best during the summer and winter months when bass move into deeper waters and become lethargic.

During these times, finesse dropping is the absolute top method of catching bass that aren’t feeding aggressively.

In this guide, we’ll tell you a little about using a drop shot rig, and some useful tips!

Best Use Of A Drop Shot Rig

Drop shot rigs are used by anglers who want to catch large game fish such as marlin or sailfish. A drop shot rig consists of a heavy-duty line attached to a lightweight leader.

You attach the hook to the end of the leader, then cast out the rig over the side of your boat.

When the bait hits bottom, the weight pulls the rig down, allowing the hook to sink deep enough to snag a big fish.

The drop shot rig is highly efficient for vertical fishing in deep or shallow water. It can be used from 2-feet deep water all the way to 100-feet deep water.

Drop shotters were initially designed for vertical fishing in deep waters, but it has since become an effective tactic for horizontal fishing in shallow waters as well.

The best time to throw a drop shot is when the bass retreat to deeper water. Bass hold close to the bottom when they are lethargic. Bass aren’t aggressive during changing weather.

An ultralight fishing rod setup is used when there is very little cover over the water. This means you need to be more careful about what you cast into the water.

You must use a smaller lure than usual, because your line won’t get tangled up if you lose your grip.

1 – Deep Water

Bass fish are aggressive predators who eat other fish. When they’re hungry, they’ll bite anything they see. In summer, they go to warmer waters, and in winter they go to colder ones.

Bass fish are usually found near the bottom of lakes or rivers. They’re less aggressive than other types of fish, but they’ll eat anything.

You can catch them using a light-weight fishing rod and reel.

Bottom fishing is a type of fishing where you drop your bait into the water at a specific location.

This technique is great when you’re trying to catch lethargic bass, because you give them a lot of time to investigate the bait before they decide to eat it.

During winter, this technique is good for catching sluggish bass, because you give them plenty of time to get hungrier.

Bass are usually found near the bottom of lakes or rivers. You should be able to see them if you’re using a fish finder.

Adjusting the length between the hook & line and your weight will help you catch more bass.

2 – From Shore

To catch fish from shore using drop shot fishing, you need a lightweight spinning rod and a reel with a 10-12 lb test fluorocarbon line attached.

Bass are often caught using drop shot fishing from shore because it allows them to eat baits without being bothered by the heavy cover.

Bass are also often caught using drop shot because they are finicky fish that require subtle presentations and a slow retrieve speed.

Drop shot rigs work well for finesse fishing. You can catch fish at any time, even when they’re eating aggressively. When they’re feeding aggressively, drop shot rigs work great.

Drop-shotting is more effective than using big lures. Bass anglers should use drop shots instead of bigger lures. Bigger lures attract larger bass, but they also attract more fish overall.

Spinning baits are great when fishing for bass or other fish. You should use them when you want to catch something big.

3 – When Not To Use It

Bass are bottom-feeder fish, so they don’t notice bait dropped right below them. Bass are also active predators, so they’re more apt to pursue prey than ignore it.

So, drop-shotting isn’t useful when fishing for bass as they actively feed close to the surface. 

Drop-shotting is mostly used by light-tackle anglers, but it’s not suitable for fishing in heavy cover because it’s a bottom fishing technique.

You’ll always get stuck in the cover when using drop-shotting.

Spinnerbaits are great lures for fishing over thick vegetation. When fishing over heavy grass beds, weedless spinners work well.

Dropshotting can be very frustrating when fishing over thick vegetation, but using a weedless spinnerbait can help you avoid getting snagged.

Tips For Drop Shot Fishing

When Should You Throw A Drop Shot Rig? (3 Things You Should Know)

You don’t need the most expensive rod to get started.

It’s important to note, as we advance our skills and confidence in this type of fishing, buying a better rod is going to be done with more expensive materials and will offer us greater sensitivity in detecting a softer bite.

With that being said though, you don’t need the most inexpensive rod to start with.

Reels are used to hold fishing line when casting. A spinning reel is typically a smaller version of a baitcasting reel. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your first reel.

As you get better at fishing, you’ll want to buy a higher quality reel

Hooks should be picked up based on the type of fish you want to catch. For example, if you’re going after trout then you’d use a circle hook.

If you’re going after bass, then you’d use an octopus hook. Size 1 hooks are preferred to size 2 hooks when you’re using medium-sized live bait or medium-sized worms.

A Palomar knot is a strong knot used by fishermen to secure line to fishing hooks. It is also known as fisherman’s hitch or fisherman’s loop.

A lead skinny drop shot weight is the best weight to use when fishing from shore or fishing around rocks and cracks because it won’t get stuck on the bottom.

Fishing weights should be made out of materials that won’t snag when thrown into the water. They should also be shaped like a teardrop or ball.

The best starting weight from the shore is 1/8 – 1/4 oz. From a boat or kayak, it is 1/8 -1/4 oz.

Drop Shot Fishing Year Round

Drop shots can be used at almost any time of the year. Bass love them when they’re hungry. In springtime, you should use short leaders and bright colors.

You should also fish with worms that are naturally colored, but if those don’t work, try using a bright red worm.

Drop shot fishing is a great sport for summertime fishing. There are many different ways to fish this type of bait.

Threading a large worm, swimming baiting, pitching the drop shot lure into the shadows, or fishing the drop shot rig in deeper waters are some methods you can use.


If you’re new to drop shot rigs in general, hopefully this guide has helped you to learn about them!

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